Eclectic Minds offers language classes. If you want to learn a language, reasons are obvious. You want to have access to restaurant menus, to bookings sites, to people on city breaks.

You might also want to understand what your neighbours are saying or have a more comprehensive access to another culture.

And once you have started, you might even realise that it goes much further.

That one hour can go a long way. A lunchtime break is transformed into a world of possibilities. You move away from your desk. Stretch. Walk. You get to meet and see on a regular basis like-minded people. Smile. Greet. You order a coffee and enjoy a good time learning. Think. Discuss. Stumble. Do it again. Agree. Disagree. Joke. Laugh. Explore new ways of saying, naming and conceiving the world. Doors are open. Just like London.

We are not all into jumping up and down in Lycra at lunchtime. But we can all benefit from endorphin release. Getting it right does this to you. Bring on the passe compose! Being in new company helps too. Moving from slightly-uncomfortable to comfort-zone creates those molecules in our brain. This is a brain workout. And relax.

Not only do our classes offer an opportunity of time-stretching, of door-opening but the savings you make when you discover that your local library stocks foreign books, that the BBC plays foreign movies on a regular basis, that the series from Channel 4 Walter Presents are less talked about and equally good. Once curiosity has sparkled in your brain, everything is a source of discovery. Especially London. Especially for you now that you are in the know, now that you cogitate.